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The Standards!

Passive Aggressive Pale Ale (P.A.P.A)

It’s the beer that talks softly and carries a big stick. Enjoy the maltiness and slightly spicy, earthy Liberty hops on the finish. Passive = easy drinking. Aggressive = 6.7% Alc. ‘Nuff said. 32 IBU.


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Irish Cream Ale

“The Irish created Cream Ales because they couldn’t wait 6 weeks to make a lager.” This beer has the crispness of a light lager, but is endowed with the aromatic complexities of an ale. Alc. 5% IBU: 12.

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The Gambler American Amber (Gluten Friendly)

Drifting slightly outside of traditional guidelines, our amber has less of a sweet note and more hops than many American ambers. If you are looking for something a little more complex but not overwhelming, try this! . Alc. 5.6% IBU 37

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Hangin’ Judge Imperial IPA

Any last requests? Maybe three pints of our IPA and you won’t feel what that (always drunk) “Hangin’ Judge” is about to deliver. This is a big beer, yet very drinkable. Cascade, Summit and Northern Brewer hops provide a fantastic citrusy aroma and flavor to this strong, yet dangerously quaffable, IPA. Alc. 9.65% IBU 45.

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Russian Bill Imperial Nitro Stout:

It’s 1800 A.D. and this is the preferred drink for Russian Aristocracy. Traditional English stouts would spoil during the 1000 miles transport, so this big, hoppy, higher alcohol stout was invented. Come in and enjoy this regal specialty 300 years in the making. Alc. 7.4 % IBU 51.

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Horse Thief IPA

It takes some gall to steal a horse, but only a love of hops to drink this beer. We use a complex blend of hops to make this beer perpetually exciting to drink. Alc 5.6% IBU 63.


Goemon’s Gold Honey Lemon Ginger

Ishikawa Goemon was a 16th century Japanese Robin Hood figure who stole gold from the rich and gave to the peasants. He failed to assassinate a brutal warlord and was sentenced to boil alive in a large cauldron. We boil this beer in our large cauldron in his honor. Alc 6.6 % IBU 18

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Current Seasonals

The Dirk Scotch Ale

Named after the large dagger Scottish Highlanders used in close combat, this big, malty scotch ale is sure to satisfy after any of life’s battles. Alc 6.4% IBU 27


Dubbel Barrel

This Belgian brown ale is fruity from the special Lacheuf strain of yeast and full of rich caramel from our house-made candi sugar. Enjoy our interpretation of an ancient brewing tradition. Alc 6.8% IBU 30


Revolver IPA Series

We threw our brewers a big bone with this one. Working tirelessly so our beers taste the same batch after batch is a brewer’s job description, but everyone needs to express some creativity sometimes. Every two months we will offer you a new IPA our brewers dreamed up that will never be duplicated. Sure you may be sad to see a beloved beer go, but rest assured that the guys in the rubber boots will take good care of your taste buds with every batch.